Starkit's Prophecy
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Hello and welcome to the new home of the Starkit's Prophecy  rehost!

The story, which is now widely regarded as the fandom's version of My Immortal. The original story, which is still a WIP, is located here. The TVTropes page for the story is located here. There are three dramatic readings currently in progress. You can find them here, here and here.

This is the main page of the website. The current status of the story is listed to the left. On the next page, you will find the actual story. Every chapter is posted in it's entirety, word-for-word with no editing.

Please note that the layout of the site is subject to change at any time. Major changes will listed right here.

Chapter titles will not be updated for the new edition of the story.

The header image will probably not be changed or removed.

Hey, Webmaster here. I apologize for not keeping this site updated in a timely manner. School, work and life have kept me away from the site. I promise that this will change soon. Thank you for your (possibly non-existent) support!